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Welcome to Legosmide – we manufacture tailor-made products for the agricultural and other industries. Always the highest quality. Always on time.

Our know-how – your advantage

Our extensive expertise in developing high-performance end-products brings you a strategic edge. The sooner we engage in your process, the more tailored advice and custom fitted products you get.

A just-in-time philosophy

Our series production has a repetitive quality- and high delivery performance. A premium customer recently said that you can set the clock by our deliveries.

At your service – today and tomorrow

We value long-term collaboration as a vital driver of mutual business success. By fostering an open and trustworthy dialogue, we enhance our efficiency and development.

Products for tough conditions

As a customer to us you can, and should, always set the highest demands and expect top-notch quality, because the parts we manufacture must fit perfectly and last over time in all conditions. This knowledge makes us dedicated to follow your technical specification and repetitively deliver an accurate result.


We manufacture original parts for premium machines in agriculture. Wear parts and spare parts place very high demands on hardness and elasticity
of the steel.

Engineering technology

No machine or robot is stronger than its weakest link. One thing that is certain is that the weak link is not
manufactured by us.

Defense Industry

In an industry where products can determine the distinction between life and death, nothing is left to chance. In us you have a supplier to trust.

Construction equipment/forestry

Loaders, dumpers, backhoes, forwarders and harvesters – all machines are engineered for tough conditions and require quality in every detail.

Steadily increasing capacity

Our experience and know-how make us a trustworthy supplier for series production. Currently the annual volumes range from a few thousands to tens of thousands. We are actively expanding and ready to scale according to your needs.


Metal forging is a precise process where raw materials are shaped using heat and force, creating strong parts. With our expertise, we are mastered this technique, making tough components that excel in challenging environments. Trust us for reliable quality that serves industries seeking lasting solutions.

Heat treatment

Hardening is a technique that boosts the strength and durability of metal parts. Using controlled heat and rapid cooling, we create robust components. After that we further improve the metal’s strength and durability through precise temperature control, known as tempering. With our expertise, we provide hardened parts that excel in demanding situations.


Blasting is a crucial process that refines metal surface quality. High-speed abrasive particles remove imperfections, yielding a flawless finish. Our skilled approach delivers blasted components with refined surfaces, satisfying industries that demand excellence in every detail.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting achieves precise metal shaping. Focused high-powered lasers effortlessly create intricate designs for clean, flawless outcomes. Our deep expertise produces laser-cut components that exhibit intricate precision, serving industries requiring finely tuned results.

Powder Coating

Powder coating boosts metal durability and aesthetics. Dry powder application, followed by curing, forms a robust, vibrant finish. Drawing on our extensive knowledge, we provide powder-coated components offering protection and visual appeal. We meet the expectations of industries valuing strength and style.

We are a Swedish
company with
excellent qualities

There is so much to say about us because it is in fact about you. Your needs and demands are the reasons why we go to work every day, why we exist. Our know-how, our experience and our skilled employees makes it possible for us to meet your requirements.

Gearing up

Legosmide was founded in Katrineholm in the 60s. Over the years, the name, ownership and products have varied and in 2023, the company was bought by Kvarngruppen AB. Legosmide has made a name for itself through the years for its high quality and on-time deliveries. The new owners and the new management have brought a greater know-how, higher ambitions and the attitude – the sky is the limit.

Going global

Legosmide is going global. Production moves from workshop to industry and the scale-up has begun. The good traditions regarding reliability and quality remain, but today we work with continuous improvements. We optimize and streamline, we automate and develop skills. We move quickly and steadily upwards and forwards.

In close collaboration

Close contact with you as a customer is important for us. We prefer to get involved early in your processes to contribute with knowledge and plans for good results. Once we have started working together, we want to have a continued and close contact with regular feedback. We strive to be better every day. Your input is invaluable.

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